Brian F. Smith and Associates (BFSA) is as much a historic research firm as an archaeological firm. This is, in part, based on the multidisciplinary nature of archaeology, which draws upon theoretical concepts and methodological approaches from the physical and social sciences, as well as historic research with the ultimate goal of reconstructing the past.

BFSA has historic site specialists on staff to provide historic documentation and evaluation services when required. These requirements can occur when a structure that is more than 45 years old is to be impacted by a planned and permitted action.


The historic component of Cultural Resources Management generally refers to the as-built environment, or standing structures, and their significance to our local, state, and national history and heritage. Historic surveys can range from the documentation of a single property to the study of an entire group of structures or a district.

Whatever your project requires, we are confident that we can provide you with all of the necessary consulting.

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