Brian F. Smith & Associates (BFSA) is the only private consulting company in San Diego County offering a wide range of both paleontological and archaeological consulting services. Paleontological services include pre-development resource assessments related to permitting requirements and environmental impact studies, on-site paleontological monitoring and mitigation services for utility trenching, building excavations and mass grading projects, and preparation, curation and archival conservation of paleontological materials.

George L. Kennedy, Ph.D, supervises all paleontological services, and has more than 40 years of experience in the collection, preparation, preservation, and identification of invertebrate, vertebrate, and botanical fossil specimens from southern California and the Pacific Coast region of North America. Our paleontological staff has considerable collective experience in southern California and the western United States. We can offer immediate turn-around times for research projects and fossil identifications needed to resolve engineering geotechnical problems (e.g., determining age of faulted sediments), as well as assembling necessary field crews at a moments notice for emergency recovery.

All geological aspects of BFSA's paleontological monitoring and mitigation programs are overseen by a registered California Professional Geologist as required by California state law.


Paleontological services include:


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