Permanent staff members of Brian F. Smith & Associates hold a minimum of a bachelor’s degree, and key staff members either hold advanced degrees, memberships in the Society of Professional Archaeologists/Register of Professional Archaeologists, and/or meet the Secretary of the Interior’s requirements for qualification as archaeologists and principal investigators.

Staff personnel have extensive experience in the fields of archaeology, history, biology, paleontology, air, traffic, and acoustics, including special emphasis in southern California prehistory, Channel Islands prehistory, underwater archaeology and marine geophysical systems, the history of California and the Desert Southwest, historic research, historic sites archaeology, Hispanic origins in the Southwest, invertebrate and vertebrate faunal analysis, invertebrate paleontology of southern California, and environmental policy/law. BFSA includes approximately 30 to 50 personnel, depending upon the demands of the work in progress.

Key staff members are noted to the left.


Key Staff Members

Brian F. Smith

Larry J. Pierson

Kyle M. Guerrero

George L. Kennedy

Tracy Stropes

Jenni Kraft

Todd Wirths

Brian F. Smith & Associates