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Since 1977, BFSA has been providing environmental consulting services to public and private clients for archaeological, paleontological, biological, and historical projects throughout southern California and across the western United States.  BFSA provides specialized environmental consulting services that comply with local, state, and federal regulations.  The combined experience of the principal consultants and associates represents more than 100 years of involvement in the study of the history and prehistory of this region.

BFSA principals, senior staff, and directors have decades of professional experience in cultural resources management.  Each senior staff member exceeds the Secretary of the Interior's Professional Qualification Standards, with a range of expertise in environmental compliance laws and regulations, including CEQA, NEPA, SEPA, and NHPA.  Through their experience, our technical experts can provide comprehensive assessments and appropriate recommendations while considering our clients' budgets and time constraints.

BFSA has the largest continuously operational cultural resource staff operating in southern California and, as a result, BFSA can meet the staffing needs of any project no matter how large or small.  BFSA often conducts multiple large-scale projects simultaneously, serving the needs of all of our clients while maintaining and delivering high-quality products on schedule.

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