BFSA provides industry leading cultural/historic resource management services for a wide range of projects, including residential development, commercial development, and infrastructure projects. BFSA has a 43 year history of successfully completing thousands of cultural/historic resource management projects throughout the western United States for CEQA, SEPA, and NEPA level compliance. 

Archaeological services provided by BFSA include:
  • Archaeological Survey, Excavation, Data Recovery and Monitoring

  • Research Designs and Work Plans

  • Due Diligence Analysis

  • Section 106, NEPA, CEQA, and SEPA Compliance

  • National and California Register Eligibility Evaluation

  • Native American Consultation, including AB 52, SB 18, and Section 106 Assistance

  • Impact Assessment, Mitigation Implementation, and Reporting

  • Historic Preservation Planning

  • Regulatory Agency Coordination

  • Compliance Monitoring (Construction Phase)

  • Federal Agency Third Party Review

  • Due Diligence Research

  • Ethnographic Studies

  • Worker Environmental Awareness Program (WEAP)

  • Management Planning Documents

  • Programmatic Agreements and Memorandum of Agreement

  • EIR and EIS Support

  • Public Outreach and Assistance

  • NRHP Documentation

  • Historic Property Treatment Plans

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