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BFSA's team of historians and architectural historians provide a wide range of skills to assist clients with historic structure evaluations and preservation solutions.  BFSA is qualified to conduct studies under federal, state (CEQA), and local agency guidelines and protocols.  These projects include historic residences, large public structures, and historical research of individuals and large geographic areas.

BFSA Provides the Following
Historic Preservation Services:
  • City of San Diego Bulletin 580 Preliminary Studies

  • Historical Resource Technical Reports (HRTRs)

  • Historical Resource Research Reports (HRRRs)

  • Historic Architecture Survey Reports

  • Historic Property Survey Reports

  • Historic Structure Assessment Reports

  • CEQA/NEPA Historic Resource/Property Analysis

  • ​Historic American Buildings Survey/Historic American Engineering Record (HABS/HAER) Documentation and Photography

  • Determinations of Eligibility

  • Department of Parks and Recreation Forms

  • National Parks Services Secretary of the Interior’s Standards Compliance

  • Section 106 Technical Analysis

  • Historic Preservation Treatment Plans

  • Historic Context Statements

  • Mills Act Report Preparation

  • Architectural Surveys

  • Design Review (Residential/Commercial) in Compliance with the Secretary of the Interior’s Standards

  • Archival and Historical Research/Documentation

  • Museum Support

  • Public Outreach

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