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BFSA provides industry-leading paleontological resource management services for a wide range of projects, including residential development, commercial development, and infrastructure projects.  BFSA has a long history of successfully completing hundreds of paleontological projects throughout California.  All geological aspects of BFSA's paleontological monitoring and mitigation programs are overseen by a registered California Professional Geologist as required by California state law.

BFSA Provides the Following Paleontological Services:
  • Records Review

  • Field Reconnaissance

  • Sensitivity Assessment

  • Stratigraphic Profiling

  • Paleontological Assessments, Mitigation Plans, and Reports

  • Paleontological Surveys

  • Construction Compliance Monitoring

  • Fossil Salvage

  • Fossil Preparation, Identification, and Documentation

  • Paleontological Resources Impact Mitigation Program (PRIMP)

  • Museum Repository Coordination for Fossil Curation

  • Third Party Review

  • Due Diligence Research and Analysis

  • Worker Environmental Awareness Programs (WEAPs)

  • Interpretive Exhibits and Presentations

  • Federal and State Agency Coordination and Compliance

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