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    Brian F. Smith & Associates (BFSA) offers the following services

    Brian F. Smith & Associates (BFSA) staff biologists are involved in a wide variety of biological work associated with the study of regional ecosystems. Our projects focus on characterization of biological resources and assessment of potential projects to support threatened and endangered species, as well as presence/absence surveys for sensitive resources. Our biologists are familiar with critical habitats, including coastal sage scrub, chaparral, mountain and desert habitats in the western and southwestern United States.


    BFSA is the only private consulting company in San Diego County offering a wide range of both paleontological and archaeological consulting services. Paleontological services include pre-development resource assessments related to permitting requirements and environmental impact studies, on-site paleontological monitoring and mitigation services for utility trenching, building excavations and mass grading projects, and preparation, curation and archival conservation of paleontological materials.

    BFSA provides archaeological consulting services in support of both public and private properties. BFSA archaeologists supply services needed to comply with local guidelines, state environmental laws, and federal regulations. The majority of projects completed by BFSA staff are focused upon California Environmental Quality Act (CEQA) compliance and Environmental Impact Reports (EIRs). In addition to archaeological surveys and cultural site sudies, BFSA employs construction monitors that are certified in archaeology, biology, and paleontology.


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